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Thread: Looking third player

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    Default Looking third player

    Hello. I and my friend are looking 1 or two players from indoneasia. About account:
    -Tribe: Romain(Offensive)
    -Pop: 84( top 150)
    -Hero: lvl3 and top 20
    - Attack: top 5
    -Defensive: top 50
    -Robbers: We need just 10k to chase 10 place
    Server is lithuanian 5. We are from lithuania and looking persons from indoneasia, becouse it would be top account. Who interested writte me to PM or here if you have questions

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    ny question :
    1. normal or speed ?
    2. gold player or not ?
    2. aktif gold club ?

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    Normal. Server started 4 days ago. Dont need to buy gold, becouse we also not buy. Gold club isnt active becouse prices is aukcion is very low
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    Default Looking third player

    Right. We looking for a dual for our top 10 account
    What we gives you:
    - the top
    - a good account
    - fun

    what we want from you:
    - experience
    - buy gold
    - activity

    ???? & the account


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