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Thread: Guy from Europe looking for indonesian duals

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    Default Guy from Europe looking for indonesian duals

    Hi all here,

    I am willing to start playing travian again and im searching for people who could join me in order to make a good team Of course, if you already have an account and you feel that you need an extra hand, I am also interested .Well, I have been meaning to start an account on slow server( havent decided on which one though, we will decide together) and to play as a gaul, likely offensive style.We could of course change tribe or style if you wanted to.
    I dont demand much from you: I need somebody, preferably not from Europe (GMT+0,1,2 timezones) but from asia (GMT+7,8,9 timezones).If you are from Indonesia, there will be 5 hours difference between us, it is certainly enough to make a huge difference on the account. You ought to be active, dont be lazy to farm, know at least basics of T4 version and travian itself.Also,you should not be a jerk, or a$$hole Gold buying as always would be nice, but it is not a requirement or neccesity.
    So if you are intrested, shoot me in PM or add me on skype mariuxx90
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    not interested


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