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Thread: Complaints Investigation

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    Teph is crew from Akilina!

    We don't understand, why admin germany choose them again?

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    Umm, guys. I never said that we were going to make Teph into a CM. I don't know why you're saying that at all. This is a suprise to me as well and I'm responsible for what happens on this domain, I would think I would know first if I made some kind of decision

    Also, no. SubZero will not be training any CM. SCMs train CMs. Our SCMs have years of experience and have had extensive training with us in Germany at HQ. Actually Travian Indonesia has a really good SCM who studies things that pertain to Community Management etc at university. She is highly qualified to give this training.

    I don't even remember making an announcement regarding a new CM whatsoever.

    Don't panic about things I haven't even said..

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    Well, that's good news from you. Some of us completely worry about what will happen to Travian Indonesia if admin or CM chosen is the old one.
    About more than three ID crews identified play at ID2, 3 of them hold WW together. That's one of the reason, players worries the same case might happen.
    Then, I will just follow up the latest news from you then.

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    This is what happened in Indonesian culture recently, especially on social media, some people compete to say their opinion (which they think that their opinion is right, and not appreciate other opinion). I think Indonesian people have moral degradation, but this is the fact.

    On one side when people use to sound their mind, moreover claiming that their opinion is the representation from the other forumer, but that's not true. If you want to look out about the public opinion, you can do voting about it. Don't jump into conclusions before looking from different perspectives.

    The best solution is to check the detail about the "sounder" so the information we get not to be biased. Because we never know the motivation behind it. Whether their opinion is based on conscience, so no more conflict which is bring benefit to some individual on Travian.

    Finally, we give the final decision to Travian GMBH. There will be good and bad, strong and weakness from a final decision. A decision maybe not please all people, but that's the best decision for all of us.

    From Loyal Customer of Travian Since 2008
    "Unless Your Name is GOOGLE, Stop Acting Like You Know Everything"

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    For me, as long as the decision is the best. Sure I will accept. If it is not satisfied then, the better way is to keep silent, keep playing or retired.
    Some people acts not to care because they know every result cost something whether to the pro or cons akilina. Just hoping to see lots of new staff. New staff means new reign.

    Sometimes it's not about good or bad, it's about being wise.

    I'm sure TG_Admin can find the best solution. Again, thank you for the great response through email. Evidence is given to you. I'm trying to gain more evidence to help solving this problems quickly.

    I know it takes times because you need person who is neutral enough to translate every little details in this forum. Wrong person means wrong decision.

    Hopefully every other person can be more patient and just wait for the best then prepare for the worst.



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    I just hope that this issue can be resolved , with a final decision in favor of the consumer .

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